The Haymarket Bar, Edinburgh, Food Review.

Fish Platter Haymarket BarWent out with M the other day to have a few drinks.  We started at the Haymarket Bar, and M suggested getting something to eat.  Although I was slightly apprehensive due to 2 previous poor experiences eating there.

We were convinced to go for the Fish Sharing Platter for £11.50. (Hand battered goujons, crispy calamari, wholetail scampi and garlic bread with tomato salsa and tartare sauce.)

We were rather disappointed with what we received.  The food itself tasted ok, but the quantity and presentation weren’t what we were expecting.  Perhaps a bit of salad would have helped make it look better.  With regards to the quantity, we were expecting a bit more food, but we didn’t complain, and we did eat the whole lot.

The pints of Peroni went down very well, so no complaints on the drink side of things.

3 thoughts on “The Haymarket Bar, Edinburgh, Food Review.

  1. Yes, very poor quantity for an £11.50 “Sharing Platter”. No calamari either so we got more Scampi than normal (not you you can tell)! Not recommended.

  2. This photo really doesn’t look appealing. Perhaps you would have been better to send your views to the pub directly so they could have an opportunity to make you happy?

  3. I am more than happy to go back to the pub. The drinks are great! perhaps I have just been unlucky with food? The place always seems to have lots of people eating, so they must be doing something correct!

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